SHOP FOX W1752 Mini Wood Lathe Review

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With its unique features the SHOP FOX 1752 mini wood lathe allows you to tackle different projects easily and in lesser time, than never before.

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The SHOP FOX mini lathe features the most convenient capacity that is currently present in the mini lathe industry. This product provides you with options for multiple extensions that allow you easily work with different sized pieces. This mini lathe allows you to work effectively and maintain a low profile on your workbench due to spaces that measure 10 inches over the bed as well as appropriate space between the centers for proper working.

SHOP FOX W1752 Mini Wood Lathe Features

The SHOP FOX w1752 lathe also allows you to easily and quickly change speeds while you work on your different wood projects. This mini lathe features an easy-speed access change that lets you quickly change the speeds from ranges such as 480 to 4, 023 RPM. The access cover in this mini lathe gives you enough space to adjust the drive belt. A locking arm that is both conveniently located and easy to use is also used when adjusting the speed.

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The SHOP FOX w1752 mini lathe also features unique positions that allow you to lock the piece you are working on in multiple positions. This allows you to easily give more detail as well as accuracy to your wood project. This shop fox w1752 mini wood lathe allows you to easily perform detailed work on project such as fluting, drilling, layout, grooving and much more. The SHOP FOX woodworking lathe is perfect for turning works. The spindle can be locked in place so that you can easily remove face plates, chucks and other accessories.

You can also save time and effort due to the SHOP FOX w1752 wood lathe 3-1/4 Inch tail stock. This product also has a good ram and the tail stock can also be moved along the lathe bed by loosening the locking lever and then relocking it in the position that you desire. All of the features of this SHOP FOX Mini Lathe are user-friendly and thus, are convenient to use while you work. The tool rest length is 6-1/4 Inch. This product also comes with a tool rest, live rolling center, spur center and a 3 inch face plate.

SHOP FOX W1752 Mini Wood Lathe Review

During my research regarding the SHOP FOX 1752 mini wood lathe I came across a lot of positive reviews for this product. The average rating of this product on is four stars. This doesn’t come as a surprise as SHOP FOX has always tried to provide its customers with the best wood working products possible. All of the reviewers have praised the fact that the Mini Lathe provides them with a good workplace and provides them with features that are convenient and easy to use. The quality and the durability of this product have also been praised by the reviewers along with the easy to read instruction manual. Click here to read more reviews on Amazon.

There were a few negative reviews for this product but they were nothing when compared to the immense number of positive customer reviews that the SHOP FOX mini lathe has received.

In conclusion, after my research, I would like to recommend the SHOP FOX 1752 mini wood lathe to anyone who wants to tackle a variety of wood projects with ease.

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