PSI Woodworking Commander 10-Inch Variable Speed Midi Lathe Review

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For the amateur wood worker the midi lathe is an ideal work tool and PSI  Woodworking TCLC10VS Commander 10-inch variable speed midi lathe fits the Bill like a T. It is a Feature rich product that comes with a ¾ horsepower motor delivering the kind power necessary for stringent turning projects. PSI Woodworking a Philadelphia based woodworking tools supplier have been serving this industry for over 20 years and are reputed for their TOP-Notch quality products made available at reasonable prices. It is a fantastic lathe.

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The SBC Microprocessor gives a high level of accuracy and precise check over the work. The indexing aspect is nifty. Primarily it involves a head pin with the help of which you lock the spindle into one of the 24 numbered options. This feature of great help when segmenting the wood pieces.

PSI Woodworking Commander Midi Lathe Features & Specifications

  • Powerful 3/4 HP motor with 150-4100 RPM
  • Digital readout and SBC microprocessor technology
  • 24 Indexing positions with spindle locking
  • Convenient work light and carrying handles
  • Heavy-duty, ball bearing tail stock center
  • Sturdy cast iron base with tool storage rack
  • Designed for easy belt access and removal
  • 3 Year Warranty

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The electronic display helps you to choose exact rpms. The speed range is from 150 right upto 4100 rpms. This gives you greater control over your shaping method. The work light is comfortable and the stem feels just right not too flexible and supports the lamp very nicely. The alignment at the center is perfect, combined with great symmetry.

The PSI midi lathe offers all the features required of a beginning wood turner and wins hands down due to its price – a good 100$ lesser than its competitor. I would give full marks to the PSI customer service. My piece arrived with a damaged central handle but PSI did a great job by replacing the part without much ado.

Another feature of the PSI variable speed lathe is the tool storage rack which keeps the chisels and other tools within comfortable reach. The solid, durable cast iron base can be extended to worker the table legs up to 43 inches in length.

The PSI Woodworking TCLC10VS Commander variable speed midi lathe is easily the best midi at this price range. A good $300 cheaper than the competition. An absolute marvel of a product for its price range and an ideal Christmas gift for someone who aspires to be a woodworker. So go ahead if you are planning on it.

Weighing close to 90 pounds its not meant to be lugged around unless you happen to be a Olympian weight lifter, preferably in the heavy weight category.

PSI Woodworking Commander Review

Most reviews of the PSI Woodworking Commander that we came across spoke about the price point advantages of this remarkable midi. Click here to read more reviews.

Considering the nearly $300 difference between the TCLC10VS and the closest competition there surely were meant to be negatives which we found quite a few. One user who is quite knowledgeable about the offerings in the market mentioned the finish quality which when compared to the JET – was found wanting. Another issue mentioned was the usage of belts even though this is a variable speed motor. Basically there are two belt positions one for the lower 500rpm ranges and the other for the normal to higher ranges. Not a major problem because most work gets done in the 1000-3000 range . Besides the belt change is quite simple and switching speeds is quite simple.

To sum it all up The PSI Woodworking wood lathe is an absolute steal for the price point. In terms of Machine Finish it doesn’t come close to the Jet or a Delta but for a amateur woodworker wanting to get on with his passion of creating wood craftwork this is the ideal pick. Click here to check it out.

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