Powermatic 4224 42-Inch Woodworking Lathe Review

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If you are looking for years of high quality woodworking performance, then the Powermatic 4224 42-inch woodworking lathe is the ideal product for you. With its powerful motor and sturdy built, this product will satisfy your every woodworking needs.

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The Powermatic wood lathe’s design makes it a versatile product that suits a range of projects that you might do. This Powermatic 4224 lathe offers you with an impressive 42-Inch working distance between the centers and a 24-Inch swing over the bed. Thus, this product provides you with limitless possibilities when you take on your woodworking project. You can easily create detailed table legs, custom balusters, hand-crafted bowls, urns, platters as well as pens. This Powermatic wood lathe also provides you with forward and reverse spinning options that enable you to easily apply finishing touches to your project without any hassles. The built-in spindle indexing feature allows for evenly spaced cuts.

Powermatic 4224 Woodworking Lathe Features & Specifications

  • Wood turning lathe features 3 HP TEFC motor
  • Heavy-duty cast iron legs and 2+IB0- diameter adjustable feet
  • Positive cam-action locking devices and cast iron tailstock and headstock
  • 3-step, Poly V-belt drive+ADs- digital spindle readout (RPM)
  • Tool rest designed with finger guide and allows more control

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The Powermatic 4224 woodworking lathe will provide you with the necessary speed that you will need to complete your project. This product has a belt driven, three horse power motor. This motor provides you with speed ranges of 0-910, 0-2,000 and 0-3,500 rpm. These differences in speeds enable you to choose the speed you require when you are wax-finishing a platter or when you are roughing out a large chuck of oak. Changing speeds when using this product is also quite easy. All you have to do is lift the motor and slip the v-belt onto the desired step which determines the speed of the motor. A digital readout on the spindle displays the exact RPM of the motor. The motor used in this product is also surprisingly quiet.

This Powermatic 4224 woodworking lathe is built in such a way that it is sturdy and durable. This product operates without vibrations or travel. This product is made out of heavy cast iron and is resting on cast iron legs that have two-inch wide adjustable feet. This allows this product to stay where it is placed and maintain its level. To prevent any kind of travel, this product features a stationary cast iron tailstock with an anti-slip positive cam-action locking device. This Powermatic lathe also has a precision ground-bedway that allows for a smooth sliding of the tool rest and the tailstock. The Powermatic 4224 wood lathe measures 26.75 x 60.0 x 75.0 inches and weighs 848 pounds. This product also comes with a five year warranty.

Powermatic 4224 Review

As this Powermatic 4224 42-inch woodworking lathe is relatively newer in the market when compared with the other woodworking lathes, during my research on this product is came across quite a few number of customer reviews. Powermatic has always tried to give its clients what they want and that is why the average rating of this product at Amazon.com is five stars. Reviewers are satisfied with the performance of this Powermatic wood lathe and they are able to complete a wide range of their projects. Click here to read more reviews.

A reviewer has complained about the manual being hard to understand and the price being too high. This product offers high performance and good quality and thus, it is fairly priced compared to other woodworking lathes. You can always call the customer service if you find something difficult to understand.

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Customer Reviews

AJ Mearns May 29th, 2012 (#)

I just picked up my new 4224 From Wood Craft on 5/26/12 and just took it home and set it aside until yesterday. Used it for 2 hours before the inverter kicked off. As it turns out it may have a 3hp motor but only a 2hp inverter. What it wrong with this picture? I have bought and used inverters before and YOU ALWAYS UPSIZE inverter from the motor. Every inverter manual states this. 2hp motor, 3hp inverter, 3hp motor 5hp inverter. This makes sense. There is no reason to have a 3hp motor with a 2hp inverter. You will never be able to use all of the 3hp avaiable. I called the WMH tool group and they told me that this is the way it is suppose to be. Then why put a 3hp motor when you can not use all the HP avaiable. As far as the vibration, it may weigh 900 pounds but I had it dancing across the floor just like my old lathe. I will have to bolt it to the wall like my last one. Do not get me wrong it is a great machine they need to advertize it correctly. Anyone wishes to e-mail me directly, contact me at [email protected]
AJ Mearns

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