JET JWL-1642EVS 42-Inch Electronic Variable Speed Woodworking Lathe Review

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The JET JWL-1642EVS 42-inch electronic variable speed woodworking lathe offers a one-inch swing over the bench and 42-Inch capacity between the centers and thus, makes itself an ideal tool for woodworking. Click here to buy from Amazon with 16% discount and free delivery now!

The JET JWL 1642 lathe has a three-phase motor with an electronic inverter that gives a powerful performance. The specifications of the motor are 1-1/2HP, three-phase, and 115-volt motor. The electronic inverter in this Jet woodworking lathe converts the 1 phase into a 3 phase. The inverter also works in providing the motor with variable speeds for better performance. The JWL electronic lathe is based on heavy-duty iron casting and thus, it provides you with accurate, smooth and vibration free performance.

JET JWL-1642EVS Wood Lathe Features & Specifications

  • 1-1/2-horsepower electronic woodworking lathe, variable speed (0-3,200 rpm)
  • 42-inches between centers with 16-inch swing
  • Cast-iron bed and legs, 410-pounds for reduced vibration
  • Includes lathe, tool storage rack, tool rest, faceplate,  live center, spur center and knockout bar
  • Measures 63-1/2 by 20 by 50-inches with 1-year warranty

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The large-diameter spindle of this Jet JWL-1642EVS variable speed lathe has a 1.25 x 8 threads-per-Inch nose that tends to support the large chucks that are typically used with this kind of lathe. The spindle can also be rotated by hand as this product has a barrel-type grip fitted onto the outboard end of the spindle. The Jet woodworking lathe also has internal indexing that allows you to lock the spindle in 36 positions for drilling, grooving, fluting and other operations that you might want to do. The spindle of this Jet lathe 1642 is controlled by a two-position belt drive (0-1700 rpm or 0-3200 rpm) and thus, you can choose any speed that you want while you work.

There is also a heavy gauge wire guard in this product that provides you with safety as you use the JWL Electronic Woodworking Lathe. There is also a large tailstock that provides the product with greater stability. The large ram has a full four-inch travel that can be easily operated by an easy-to-turn five-Inch diameter hand wheel that is fitted with a spinner handle. This Jet wood lathe also comes with a one year warranty when you buy it.

JET JWL-1642EVS Lathe Review

During my research regarding the JET JWL-1642EVS 42-inch electronic variable speed woodworking lathe I found 26 customer reviews on alone. A total of 19 of these customer reviews have given the product five stars while 5 of the customer reviews have given the product four stars. JET has always tried to provide their customers with the best possible products and with the JET mini wood lathe, they have done it again. The customers who have used this product praised the horsepower of the motor and are satisfied with the products performance. Some of the customers raised an objection about the price of this variable speed lathe but after using it they realized that this product delivered good results and thus, it is fairly priced. Click here to read more reviews on Amazon.

One of the reviewers complained about this Jet wood lathe being inadequate when you want to turn a bowel over 16’’. In doing so, you have to run the head to the other end of the lathe rather than be able to turn it in place. This problem can be avoided by going for another specialized tool that is designed for working in a range over 16’’.

In conclusion, I would recommend the JET JWL-1642EVS 42-inch electronic variable speed woodworking lathe to anyone who is new to woodworking as well as for people who have a semi-professional woodshop. Click here to check it out.

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Customer Reviews

Dick Webber June 6th, 2012 (#)

This is a great lathe. I recently turned a 31 inch diameter 4/4 Honduras Mahogany piecrust table top with no problem. If I was looking for something to complain about it would be the indexing. For me it is cumbersome and slow. Instead I use an Iron Fire index wheel. I can recommend this lathe to any serious turner.

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