JET JML 1014I 10 Inch X 14 Inch Indexing Mini Lathe Review

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The JET JML 1014I 10 inch X 14 inch indexing midi lathe is an update on the best selling original model and includes multiple features that provides you with ease and efficiency in every woodworking project that you undertake.

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The JML 1014I indexing mini lathe is able to support stock that measures up to 10 inches in diameter and 14 inches in length. This product owes its high level performance to a powerful 1/2HP motor that offers you six speeds along with a motor tilling adjustment handle. This motor gives you the flexibility that you require while you work on a range of projects without the fear of bogging the lathe down.

JET JML 1014I Indexing Mini Lathe Features & Specifications

  • Heavy duty cast iron lathe bed,  tailstock and headstock
  • 1/2-hp motor and 6 spindle speeds ranging from 500-3,975 RPM
  • Tailstock is hollow allowing long hole boring
  • Quick release levers, tooling knockout, and safety goggles
  • Includes 6-inch Tool rest, 3-inch face plate, live center and spur center

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The lathe bed is actually made from heavy-duty cast-iron and thus, it provides you with greater stability. This also helps in greatly decreasing the vibrations while you work and you can be sure that the work you do will be precise. The spindle also features a lock that allows you to easily remove faceplates, chucks and other accessories with just one hand! Fluting and veining operations have also been made more efficient because of this product’s indexing capabilities.

The live center has a removable pin for boring through stock while a hollow tailstock allows you to perform long hole boring that is needed for lamps and other vessels. This helps you to easily and quickly finish a range of different projects. The tailstock of this Jet jml-1014 lethe is also self-ejecting and provides safe and easy removal of tooling. A cam-lock mechanism in this product allows for tool-free adjustments of the tailstock, headstock and the tool-rest base. The bench top of the JML 1014I indexing mini lathe also features four non skid rubber feet that keeps the machine stable when you use it. These feet also minimizes the vibrations of the machine along with provide stability and provide you with a leveled woodworking place.

The JML 1014I woodworking lathe measures 10.25 x 26 x 14.1 Inches and weighs 72 pounds. This extremely useful product also comes with a five year warranty. This Jet wood lathe also includes a 6’’ tool rest, live center, 3’’ faceplate, spur center, tooling knock out and a pair of safety goggles for your use.

JET JML 1014I Mini Lathe Review

During my research reading this JET JML 1014I 10 inch X 14 inch indexing midi lathe I came across a lot of customer reviews on many websites. All of the reviewers are happy that this upgrade to the original model was made and they are praising the sturdy structure of the machine. The average rating of this Jet woodworking lathe on is four and a half stars. This machine is easy to use for both a first timer as well as for an experienced woodworker. Click here to read more reviews.

I did come across a few negative customer reviews and they were mostly about the price of this product. But having gone through all of the customer reviews I saw that they were negligible compared to all of the positive customer reviews that I found for this product.

Thus, in the end I would recommend the JET JML 1014I indexing midi lathe to anyone who is looking for a lathe that allows them to tackle a wide range of projects with ease. Click here to SAVE $125 on the JET JML 1014I wood lethe for a limited time only!

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