Delta 46-460 12-1/2-Inch Variable-Speed Midi Lathe Review

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The Delta 46-460 12-1/2-Inch Variable-Speed Mild Lathe provides woodworkers with functions that allows them to their work easily as well as in lesser time. This Delta wood lathe can be bought through for a 44% discount. We couldn’t find a better price anywhere else. Click here to check it out.

The Delta Variable-Speed Midi Lathe is a product with a high quality and a state of the art design. This product has a powerful motor and provides its users with the option of variable speed. This delta 46-460 lathe has a powerful 1 hp max, 1,725 rpm motor that allows it to easily spin at higher speeds. This product provides its users with a 12-1/2-Inch swing capacity which is the largest in its class of similar products by different manufacturers. As mentioned above, the Delta Variable-Speed Lathe has a three-pulley variable speed range that allows you to select the speed that you are comfortable with and require while you do your woodwork.

Delta 46-460 Variable-Speed Midi Lathe Features & Specifications

  • Powerful 1 hp max, 1,725 rpm motor
  • Large 12-1/2-inch swing capacity
  • Provides the largest capacity in its class
  • Variable speed with three-pulley speed ranges
  • Forward and Reversing function
  • Patented belt tensioning system for easy speed changes

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Every woodworker knows that to get the ultimate and proper finish they have to provide the finish on both sides of the wood that they are working on. This takes a lot of time as they first have to work on one side and then start with the other side. But the Delta 46-460 Variable-Speed Midi Lathe provides you with forward and reverse functions that provide more accuracy and precision. Rotating the wooden object that you are working on is the only way you can achieve the proper finish that you want. This takes up a lot of your time, but with the delta woodworking lathe you can achieve forward and reverse rotation with a quick flip of a switch.

This product is durable and stable with all cast-iron construction. The Delta 46-460 Variable-Speed Midi Lathe has a three-inch face plate as well as a 6-inch and 10-inch tool rest for supporting your tools in a variety of rotating applications. This delta woodworking lathe also comes with a five year warranty and thus, investing in this product gives you your money’s worth. The Delta 46-460 Midi Lathe also comes with a knockout bar, live center, wrenches and an easy to read manual.

Delta 46-460 Review

Going through the reviews of this Delta 46-460 Variable-Speed Midi Lathe I saw that a lot of the customers give this product a five star rating on Customers were happy as well as satisfied with the variable speed option that comes with this product. Customers were pleased with the speed range that can go down to 250 rpm and up to more than 4000 rpm. The rotating feature of this product that makes sanding the wood easier got praise from the customers. Many customers also liked that this product came with a five year warranty. Many customer reviews have also praised the fact that the Delta 46-460 wood lathe is better than the rest of the products of the same price. Click here to read more reviews.

I found a single customer review that talked about how the Delta 46-460 midi lathe ceased to work properly after a few weeks. This can happen and you can get this problem fixed by calling the customer service and having the Delta midi lathe fixed within a few days.

After going through all of the customer reviews and the ratings that the delta 46-460 variable speed lathe received, I strongly recommend this product to woodworkers who want to make their task easier.  Click here to SAVE $497.89 on the Delta 46-460 12-1/2-Inch Variable-Speed Midi Lathe for a limited time only!

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