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A wood lathe is a very important toll in our day to day lives as it helps get the best shapes out of timber. When considering the right lathe to go with, it is important to consider the size of the wood that you want to work on in addition to the space that you will require so as to have the best results when working. Whereas the above factors are all very important, it is critical to also consider what future projects that you might be having as it wouldn’t be to your benefit to buy a big expensive lathe for a one-off use.

To help one choose the right wood lathe it would be important to first define how many type of lathes there are and what they do so that you will get a clear picture as to the best lathe to pick. Here are a few wood lathes that are commonly used in a normal day to day setup:

Pen Wood Lathe

It is the smallest of the wood lathes and it is mainly used to help put very minute and intricate details on a piece of wood. It usually houses 2” pieces of wood and any timber more than this size will not be accommodated. The lathe is used by people or carpenters who have some delicate pieces of work like artists or those who work on the intimate carvings on pieces of furniture. The good thing about the pen wood lathe is that is can be carried easily to anywhere.

Mini Wood Lathe

The mini wood lathe is a size bigger than the pen lathe and it is used to help handle larger pieces of wood. Most people would find this type of lathe most suitable because of its size and its day to day practicability. It can be used at a home in a wide variety of projects because of its flexibility. The mini wood lathe helps you to work on a piece of wood from different angles and it can also be extended to allow bigger and wider pieces of wood to be worked on. They are mostly found in the 11” radius range.

Floor Lathe

This is the largest type of lathe that can be used in our day to day lives. The floor lathes are usually used by professionals. This happens to be carpenters because of their need for space. It is placed on the floor as the name suggests and is used to help you work on pieces of wood that are 16” in radius and larger. There are other lathes in the market but they are used in an industrial set up.

It is obvious that the larger the lathe the more work it does and it also follows that the larger the lathe the more expensive it becomes. Before deciding on the lathe to take home, it would be wise to consider the financial implications and the return on investment with regard to the purchase especially because wood lathes don’t come cheap.

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